About San Diego North Economic Development Council

Mission Statement

San Diego North Economic Development Council’s mission is to build a stronger North County economy though regional collaboration and leadership. We value public and private sectors working together as community partners to sustain and strategically grow the economic base of North San Diego County.

About the SDNEDC

Founded by a group of local business leaders and community stakeholders in 1992 the SDNEDC has been presenting North County as one of the world’s finest places to live, work and play for 25 years. Today, North County stands as a premier destination for a number of global industries including biotech, clean-tech, craft brewing and much more. The SDNEDC exists to help continue this exceptional development and prosperity.

What We Do

We work collaboratively with community partners, business leaders, Chambers of Commerce, EDCs, and other government entities to attract, retain and grow business and jobs in the greater North San Diego County region. We present North County as one of the world’s finest places to work, play and live, which in turn, attract both people and businesses and creates high-level jobs.


We regularly conduct research and collect data on the industry clusters of the North County region and forecast the economic, political and social impacts, allowing you to make a well-informed decision.


We organize events, forums, and programs that showcase North County’s regional assets and provide opportunities to discuss and be actively involved in the current economic trends.


We spearhead strategic initiatives, policies and programs that establishes our region as “business friendly” and strengthens our economy and improves the quality of life for the whole community.