North County EDC 501 (c)3

The North County Economic Development Corporation is the 501c3 arm of the organization. As such certain donations to this entity over $250 may be tax deductible under the IRS code for such organizations.

EDC staff, on behalf of the Foundation, will support programs and initiatives which impact the region’s ability to sustain job growth for residents in high-demand jobs. Projects will include:

  • Overseeing research projects that identify areas for potential job growth and identify risk factors among certain sectors within the region’s economy. Projects may include economic impact studies, forecast bulletins and cluster analyses. These tools will be used to help guide the economic development team as they assist companies with expansion and retention issues in the region.
  • Long-term regional economic development planning exercises and projects increasing San Diego’s visibility as a jobs center. Projects may include programs aimed at increasing San Diego’s trade and commerce globally, attracting talent, and securing additional FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) to grow San Diego businesses.
  • Outreach to businesses in the high technology sectors, with an emphasis on small and medium sized businesses and provide services to support their growth and development in the region.
  • Other activities directed by the Corporation’s Board of Trustees.