Public Policy

Government Affairs and Public Policy is a key area of influence for the SDNEDC. The committee came roaring to life with strong leadership in AT&T’s John Osborne as the Chair – and a host of engaged community leaders and elected officials. The interest in this committee stems from a common interest of collaboration and unity in the North County region. The consensus being that one united voice weighing-in on issues affecting our region will be a powerful and influential part of the SDNEDC mission.

The Public Policy committee formed from a universal desire to be a group dedicated to action and impact. This group does not duplicate the efforts others, and has made clear that it is motivated to act as the overarching voice for business in North County.

Any vibrant organization that aims to be influential in the communities which it serves must have a strong Public Policy Committee, and it’s clear this group has the drive to be that voice.

The mission of SDNEDC’s Public Policy Committee is to advocate for legislative and regulatory issues that may impact North County’s businesses or residents. The Public Policy Committee serves as a communication and an educational resource to all.  Our meetings are once a month and are held all over North County. 

Committee Members

John Osborne, Chair

Linda Bailey

Tory Walker

David Bennett


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