Workforce Development

Rapid Response

In the face of downsizing or impending job losses, Rapid Response services are a free resource to prepare affected employees for the coming transition to a new job. The services include financial guidance as well as educational resources intended to facilitate a quick career transition.

Rapid Response presentations are run by the San Diego North Economic Development Council (SDNEDC) as well as partners from the Regional One-Stop Career Centers who provide additional resources to aid affected employees through a career transition. Training includes workshops on resume writing and interview skills as well as educational options to attain a new skill set.

Additionally, the SDNEDC provides information and guidance about retirement benefit rollovers, Healthcare coverage/COBRA options as well as general financial advice to ease the career transition.

Representatives from the Employment Development Department attend to go over in detail how the employees can file for unemployment.

The program is intended to educate workers as to the options ahead of them and the process they can expect to go through in finding new employment.

Funding for Rapid Response comes through the Workforce Investment Act and as such, there is no cost to the company. It is a great way for the company to show continued support for employees even in times of financial difficulty.

To engage a Rapid Response at an affected local business, contact San Diego North Economic Development Council at 760-510-3179 or email